When it comes to creating the right atmosphere and aesthetic to your home, lighting should be your main focus. At Lightco, we believe that as spring starts to roll around yet again, now is the perfect time to start thinking about choosing the right lighting ideas to show off your home.

3 Spring Lighting Styling Tips

The most important thing to remember when looking at spring lighting tips is that every room is different. As a result, they will need to have different lighting types and a variety of fittings. With spring comes lighter mornings and evenings, but it remains a relatively gloomy season. That’s why the best spring lighting tips in this blog will focus on creating just the right combination of comfort and atmosphere.

1. Make the Most of Your Existing Lighting

Before you start to look at ways to add new lights to a room, make sure that you have a closer look at the lighting that’s already in place. Overhead lights can usually be found in most rooms, but these can be very bright and obtrusive. You could ignore your overhead lighting and rely solely on lamps and smaller, directional, and dimmable lights, but it’s usually better to address what’s already there. Change your overhead lighting to something more subtle, and complement that new lighting with some fresh lamps and fittings.

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2. Consider Mood Lighting

Every room in your home will need a different lighting atmosphere. You don’t want the same lighting in your kitchen as you have in your bedroom. Think about the rooms where you want to encourage a cosier feeling, and where you’ll need more control over the light depending on the activity. Dimmer switches in the kitchen, for example, are excellent for when you need to have extra light while cooking but want to create a more romantic setting for eating with your partner.

Top Tip: Use sconce lights in lower positions on your walls, as this can help make your ceiling seem lower, and that only adds to the cosy atmosphere.

3. Explore Exterior Lighting Options

When you are looking for lighting tips as we head into spring, don’t forget that the warmer weather means that you will probably be spending a little more time outside. The right lighting can transform a garden or patio, and there are plenty of lighting options that can help you stay outside sipping on your wine for longer than ever. Choose from:

The best thing about improving the lighting in your garden is that you can start moving them around as the weather changes. Get your lights in for spring and you’ll be able to prepare a lot more easily for the shift to summer. Always pay attention to both ambient lighting ideas and accent lighting to really make your exterior pop. Make sure that your seating area is the focus for your lighting, but don’t forget to show off your garden features as well.

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Lighting up your home has never been easier, and there are so many spring lighting tips available depending on the end result that you’re hoping for. Make sure that you have an idea of the look you want to achieve, and let your home’s design guide your lighting decisions. Contact us today, visit your nearest branch or request a quote online now!

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