Light can transform a home, so it always makes sense to give a little thought to how you want your home to look before you start adding lights. While modern lighting trends come and go, Lightco there is one type of lighting that always adds style to a room; footlights.

Turn Up The Drama with Handy Footlights

While this may conjure up images of the stage, the fact is that any lighting source that is designed to be placed lower to the ground will have a dramatic impact on how a space looks and feels. There are plenty of tips for using footlights, but this blog has some ideas that you might not have considered.

1. In Rooms

From the bedroom to the living room, footlights can be used anywhere. In the bedroom, they offer a more subtle and cosy lighting effect that is perfect for lounging in bed and ignoring the outside world. The natural shadows caused by footlights ensure that furniture, art, and features are well-lit from an alternate angle, bringing them to life in ways that you might never have imagined. In the living room or office, footlights are the ideal way to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

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2. On the Stairs

One of the most popular locations for footlights is the stairs. That’s because they not only give you a light source that ensures improved safety, they also become far easier to replace than bulbs on high ceilings. The softer and more elegant nature of footlights means that you won’t have to worry about not being able to see when you walk up and down those stairways.

3. In the Garden

It’s not all about the interior of your home. Footlights can be used to great effect in the garden. Not only will they make a huge change to the look of your garden, if you place them well they can even improve your privacy as well. One of the best tips for using footlights is to do some trial and error in terms of placement so that you know you are getting the best out of the potential of your footlights.

Lightco is Your Go-To Lighting Supplier

You don’t have to be an actor or actress to make use of footlights. However, by placing your lower lighting in the right place, you can make your home look and feel as elegant as a Hollywood mansion. Contact us today to request a quote or shop classy footlights now!

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