Looking to improve your bathroom? One of the best ways that you can do this is to upgrade the lighting – the bathroom should always be a well-lit area which can help it to look and feel fresh, clean and welcoming (there is nothing worse than a dingy bathroom). Lightco understands that it can be challenging to get the lighting correct in this space as it is usually one of the smaller areas of the home and somewhere that people close the doors and blinds when in use.

Follow These Tips for a Better Bathroom

Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can easily improve the lighting here. Keep reading the blog as we reveal 5 tips for upgrading your bathroom lighting which can completely transform the space.

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1. Use Overhead Lighting

The first type of lighting to use is overhead lighting which is used to provide illumination to the entire room. Make sure that this lighting leaves no areas in the dark, particularly the shower/bath where good lighting is vital.

2. Task Lighting For Grooming

The bathroom is a space which people use every day for their grooming which makes it an important area. This means that you need to have some form of task lighting near the mirror so that people can easily shave, put on makeup, do their hair, clean their teeth and perform any other daily grooming activities.

3. Use Accent Lighting To Highlight Decor

The final layer of lighting to use in the bathroom is accent lighting. This should be used to highlight the decor in the room along with the architectural features that you have in the space. This is the “finishing touch” which ties the room together and adds style.

4. Avoid Overdoing It

Although layered lighting is a good idea, you must make sure that you avoid overdoing it which is a common mistake in the bathroom. If the space is too bright it will be an uncomfortable room to spend time – one good way to control the lighting is the use of dimmer switches.

5. Opt For LED

Finally, it is a smart idea to use LED bulbs in the bathroom (and elsewhere in the home) because this will reduce your energy consumption and help to save on your bills while providing high-quality lighting.

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Lightco Has the Ideal Bathroom Lighting Solutions

It is tough to get the lighting right in this space but hopefully, these 5 tips for upgrading your bathroom lighting will help. Lightco is here to help you make the best purchase decision; browse our comprehensive online catalogue and be sure to contact us to find out more or request a quote. Take a look at our store directory to find a branch near you.