If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of lighting your bathroom, fear not as help is at hand. We’ve compiled five bathroom lighting tips to help you create a bathroom that is perfect in not only an aesthetic sense but in a practical one as well.

Why Does Lighting a Bathroom Prove to Be Such a Difficult Task?

One of the most crucial tasks you face when creating the perfect bathroom is choosing the right lighting fixtures for the right areas. The vanity area needs to be lit different from your tub, and your tub needs to be lit differently to your shower, but the whole room needs to retain a stylish overall look and feel.

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5 Amazing Bathroom Lighting Tips for a Perfect Bathroom

One thing is for certain — lighting your bathroom is certainly not the easiest interior design task you are going to face when you decide to renovate your home! Keep reading the blog to discover five great ways you can light your bathroom.

1. Avoid Asymmetrical Lighting

Opting for asymmetrical lighting when fitting your fixtures is a definite no. Going down this route will create illuminations that are uneven and unable to correspond with another. In a practical sense, it would make grooming a far more difficult task than it needs to be.

2. Find the Perfect Balance

Don’t go down the asymmetrical route, go down the balanced one instead. You shouldn’t overdo your lighting, but you shouldn’t undergo it either. Remember, everything should be done in moderation, and equal amounts of lighting should be found at both ends of the tub.

3. Embrace LED

LED bulbs are energy saving, minimal in appearance, and provide crisp and clear lighting. What’s not to love about them? Embrace them in your bathroom, and the room will look clean-lined and modern for years to come.

4. Avoid Adding Light Above the Mirror

For practical reasons, you should avoid adding any sort of light directly above your mirror. Doing so will cast deep shadows below your facial features, making it hard to groom yourself.

5. Maximise Natural Light

The best light source you can tap into is natural light. Maximize it by ensuring that your window treatments don’t block out light, and instead allow it to pour in.

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Lightco Has the Best Lighting Options for Bathroom Bliss

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