At Lightco, we believe that Winter is a great time to curl up by the fire with a good book or movie, as well as use the shorter days and dark mornings as a perfect excuse to perfect your outdoor lighting. Besides the fact that exterior lighting illuminates’ footpaths and allows you to monitor the areas around your house, they are also a great way to enhance your garden and home’s exterior.

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Our Winter Outdoor Lighting Guide

Familiarise yourself with our winter exterior lighting style guide and enhance your home’s look this season. Here are 5 popular outdoor lighting trends that we love for a cosy winter look:

1. Make Use of Uplighting

This is an effective lighting technique which really makes a statement in your garden. Place lights up against visible walls and under trees and plants for a dramatic effect and an instantly brighter garden.

2. Use Lanterns for a Cosy Winter-Feel

Lanterns are a great light source to have on porches or around an outside entertainment area. They are easy to move around and create a warm, cosy atmosphere that will make you want to bundle up around a fire and enjoy the crisp winter air.

3. Hidden LED strips

LED strips are most effective on outside stairs or under your outdoor furniture. These strips give your property an extremely modern look and make pathways and stairs safer to negotiate at nigh-time and illuminate furniture whilst brightening up your outdoor space.

4. Pendant Lights

Pendants are a great source of light to have over an outside table or around a barbeque or entertainment area. They are modern, classy and will give your outside areas the extra layer of light that it needs.

5. Orb Lights

These decorative lights are perfect for creating an oasis vibe that your garden will love. Whether you hang them separately around your garden or cluster them together in one area, orb lights are bound to make a statement and give your garden the futuristic, inviting light that we love!

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Get Your Exterior Lighting from Lightco Today

Now that you have been informed on basic outdoor lighting, let one of our staff members at Lightco help you make the final decisions for your home’s exterior lighting. Call us today and we will be happy to help you prepare your house for this winter and the many more to come.