At Lightco, we believe that ceiling fans can be the centerpiece of a room when placed correctly. They can look great, keep a room warmer or cooler on a budget, and bring an extra dimension to your ceiling. They can also be an eyesore if you are not careful.

Common Ceiling Fan Placement Errors

In this blog post, we are here to help you avoid the common pitfalls of a ceiling fan. Keep reading to learn the top ceiling fan placement mistakes to avoid.

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1. Not Choosing a Fan that is Sized Appropriately

The first mistake when it comes to ceiling fan placement mistakes is sizing. A large ceiling fan can be a show-stopper in a vaulted ceiling and pose a danger on a low ceiling. Alternatively, a small can won’t bring much to your interior design nor give you the function you need if you have high ceilings. Your ceiling fan must be appropriately-sized for the space you intend to install it in.

2. Not Keeping the Layout in Mind

Air circulation is one of the biggest benefits to ceiling fans, so consider how you need the air to circulate before you commit. If you have a fireplace then placing fans either above or on either side can help push warm air back down during winter, but you will want them located near the living space is, rather than the empty space of the floor.
h4>Elevated Ceilings

Elevated ceilings are great for large, hanging fans. You will really want to invest in a stunning, eye-catching design that brings something new to your design.

Low Ceilings

Low ceilings need short, wide fans that don’t take away headspace and still provide a beautiful lighting and cooling feature.

Pitched Ceilings

Pitched ceilings will almost always need ceiling fans to hang, due to the awkward angle of installation. They, therefore, need to be placed carefully so that the fan’s blades do not hit the ceiling and that they circulate air where you need.

3. Not Taking the Correct Measurements

You will want to hire professionals to install your ceiling fan to ensure that the measurements are correct, especially in the case of a vaulted or pitched ceiling.

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