There is nothing quite like illuminating your stylish living space with new, modern lighting fixtures that do their best to highlight all of your hard work. We want to make your living space look its best with our modern lighting fixtures, perfect for just about any modern home! The blog below will demonstrate our newest, trendiest designs for you to choose from…

Futuristic Criss-Cross Pendant Light

We want to kick things off with this stylish, futuristic pendant light that will transport you to a different universe! This crisscross pendant light is grey and rose gold in colour, with a soft fabric texture on the exterior and a brilliant rosy gold metallic material on the inner surfaces. The crisscross of the light allows glimpses of metal to shine and sparkle through the gaps. This pendant light is 500mm in diameter and can make any living space look out of this world.


Three-Tier Pendant Light

This next light is brand new to our online store and makes for an ultra-modern lighting solution. Our three-tier pendant light brings minimalism to the modern lighting fixture with three parallel strips of brilliance running around the fixture.  With a 500mm diameter, this light can take any kitchen, living room, or entertainment space to the next level. Get yours in chrome colouration, today.



Stylish Single Ring Pendant Light

Are you looking for a simplistic yet modern lighting fixture for your home? We’re absolutely enchanted by this incredibly elegant lighting fixture. The single ring pendant light. This white fixture is 900mm by 400mm and will grace any ceiling with style.



Triple Ring Rose Gold Galactic Pendant Light

Everyone knows that rose gold is the colour of the moment, and we have incorporated this gorgeous, youthful tone into one of our modern lighting fixtures! This galactic pendant light features three rings intersecting at different angles, resembling a diagram of an atom – our love for modern metallic lighting is purely scientific! This aluminium fixture is 1200mm by 514mm and will take centre stage in your home.


Single Spotlight for Showstopping Illumination

The spotlight is making a comeback, and for good reason. More and more modern homeowners are making use of spotlights to direct focus on certain design aspects in their space, or diffuse light by pointing them at walls and other decorative features. This metal light fixture has a chrome colour and an 80mm base for you to mount.


Classy Cylinder Chandelier

Looking for a classy modern lighting solution? Our Cylinder Chandelier will wow you. The satin gold stem leads to a beautiful crystal shade that diffuses and refracts light around your space for a lovely romantic feel. Class and opulence are conserved with this modern lighting fixture. At 310mm by 195mm, this chandelier is entirely manageable and understated. Looking for a slightly bigger version? Click here.


Contact Lightco for all your modern lighting fixtures and interior and exterior lighting solutions! Our online store is packed with an impressive offering.