Home lighting has gone far beyond just serving the functional purpose of providing illumination. Various lighting factors, styles & colours have different effects on the tone that is set in a room, making lighting a vital element of interior décor and design.

Lightco’s Interior Lighting Guide

When it comes to home lighting, the sheer volume of lighting options available may leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed, unsure of which option is best for your needs. We’ve taken the hassle out of choosing the ideal lighting options for each room by compiling this handy guide for you.

Lovely Living Room Lighting

Since the living room is generally where you relax and entertain guests, you want a warm cozy atmosphere as well as functional lighting.

  • Ceiling Fan Lighting: Ceiling fans help regulate your comfort levels while providing built in light fittings with dimmer switches to help you set the perfect mood, no matter the occasion.
  • Downlighting: Sometimes referred to as recessed lighting, downlights are versatile and visually appealing fittings that can illuminate a large space or highlight an area of interest.
  • Free-standing Floor Lighting: Depending on how large the space is, floor lamps can help illuminate dark corners or provide ambient functional light.

Decking Out Your Dining Room

The dining room is another high-traffic focal area in your home which requires adequate functional and ambient lighting.

  • Chandelier: Give your dining room that classic sophisticated feel with a designer chandelier that will provide a spotlight on your culinary creations.
  • Recessed Lights: Installed in your display cabinets or around the chandelier, downlights are an aesthetically pleasing addition to your dining and entertainment areas.

Kitting Out Your Kitchen

Another high-traffic area of your home, the kitchen is the beating heart of your abode. While a fair amount of work is carried out in the kitchen, it is also an area of bonding as well as entertainment, so your lighting needs to be both functional and invitingly aesthetic.

  • Pendant Lighting: This refers to the singular or clustered light fixtures that are suspended via chain or cord from your ceiling. This type of lighting works particularly well over a kitchen island or counter.

Bedroom Lighting

The bedroom should be a calm and tranquil place, so opt for subtle, warm lighting, avoiding bright white and sterile lighting.

  • Wall-Mounted Lighting: These fittings provide functional light and are visually impactful.
  • Ceiling Fans With Built-In Lights: (See living room).
  • Recessed Lights: Downlights are so versatile, that they add style and atmosphere to any room.

Add Ambiance to any Room with Lightco’s Interior Lighting

No matter what your interior lighting needs or preferences may be, we have the ideal lighting solution for you. Take a look at our comprehensive online catalogue or get in touch with us today with your questions or concerns.