Have you been considering upgrading your home’s lighting with some unique lighting instead of run-of-the-mill everyday lighting? At Lightco, we are considered to be South Africa’s leading light specialists, and we have plenty of unique lighting ideas to illuminate your world.

Unique Lighting Makes The Difference

No matter what your decorating or living style, installing the right lights can make a huge difference to your space, especially if you decide to mix it up with different bulbs and decorative lights both inside and outside.

We have gathered some unique lighting inspiration for this article, and the options below will help you take your space from every day to something really special. Keen to learn more about how lighting makes a difference in your home? Check out our blog.

1. Industrial Lighting

The industrial look has been back for a few years now, and this year it’s really taken off thanks to more and more people working from home.

Industrial lighting involves using naked bulbs or decorative light shades made from industrial materials like metal to bring a real sense of industry to your room, perfect for a home office.

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2. Vintage Look Filament Bulbs

Along with the industrial look, one of the lighting options that many people have been calling for is more of a vintage feel with a bulb that works. A modern filament bulb combines low energy technology with that attractive look of the past and will work in any vintage-inspired decor.

3. Retractable Fan Lights

Keeping cool and keeping stylish may not have always gone together as fan lighting is generally seen as relatively ugly. Not anymore! Our retractable fan lights combine the best of both worlds, allowing you a good looking light fixture with blades that come out only when you need them to.

4. Hidden Down Lights

Creating that perfect modern space with clean lines and sharp corners can so easily be ruined when your lighting sticks out like a sore thumb. To combat this, we have brought together lots of ways to hide your lighting, including hidden downlights that can be sunk into walls and ceilings so as not to break up that clean line.

5. Candle Emulators

Nothing says romantic date night like the subtle flicker of a candle, but open flames can be dangerous and if you have small children around, it may not be appropriate. Instead, install a few flickering candles inspired bulbs to bring the ambience to you, without the fire risk!

6. Nautical Bulkheads

Lastly, we are loving the nautical look right now, especially for the bathroom! Our wall-mounted bulkhead lights are the perfect option to bring your under-the-sea, boating-inspired bathroom to life with lighting that fits your decor.

Light Up Your World with Lightco

Still can’t decide? Head on over to our website or contact the team at Lightco to find out what your options are to create a truly unique and well-lit home.

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