With winter just around the corner, it is time to start preparing your home for the cold. If you are like us at Lightco, you’ll agree that the winter is a time for hot chocolate on the sofa, movie nights and warm fires blazing. Stock up on blankets and games and enjoy winter from the comfort of your home.

4 Lighting Tips for a Cosy Home This Winter

Complete the cosy interior by ensuring that your lighting is on par with the rest of the warm atmosphere. We have 5 trending winter lighting tips to share with you to help you stay cosy this winter season. Adopt the ‘warm glow’ in your home this winter by following these 4 lighting tips guaranteed to make your home cosy enough for winter hibernation.

Cosy Home Lighting Tip #1: Install a Centerpiece Light

If you are looking at making a fairly large room more winter-friendly, fitting a centrepiece light is a great place to start. A chandelier not only gives your room a warm and homely feel but, it also adds a certain elegance you simply cannot get from a regular ceiling light. With so many stunning centrepieces to choose from, you are bound to find one perfect for your home’s interior.

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Cosy Home Lighting Tip #2: Invest in Dimmable Background Lighting

Dimmable lights are a game-changer for changing the atmosphere in a room. Not only do they let you control the brightness, but you can also add in a variety of other lights to accompany the level of brightness. For nights spent reading or playing games, up the brightness and enjoy the glow. For lazy movie nights, dim the lights and turn on a lamp or two for an additional cosy glow. Most light fixtures work with a dimmer switch, so the switch-over process is usually hassle-free.

Cosy Home Lighting Tip #3: The More Lamps, The Better!

Achieve the ultimate warm and merry glow by filling your desired room with as many lights you can get away with. Mix it up with different size lamps and statement lighting to get a variety of glows and place them on different surfaces and in as many corners you can find. Ensure that the lights aren’t too harsh, and you will have the perfect warm glow for laidback nights in.

Cosy Home Lighting Tip #4.Change-up the Lampshades

If you want a quick fix to make your room more winter-ready, simply invest in a few more lampshades. Lampshades in warm colours and tones will cast an inviting glow around the room. When shopping for new lampshades, look for traditional autumn colours; such as red, orange, yellow and mustard. Not only will they give the room a visual switch up, but they will also do wonders with your lighting.

Start Your Home Lighting Winter Preparation with Lightco Today

Regardless of your winter lighting preferences, Lightco has a light fixture for your home. Browse our online catalogue in the comfort of your own home and enjoy creating your own cosy space to spend time this winter. Contact us with any questions or queries regarding your lighting and we would be happy to help you.

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