All rooms require great lighting; however, a dressing room’s lighting is the most important of all. Close attention needs to be paid to where the light is coming from, how bright it is and whether it gives your dressing room the dreamy glamour that it deserves. Luckily, our team at Lightco know all the best dressing room lighting tips!

Lighting Tips for your Dressing Room

Read through our top tips on how to achieve perfect lighting in your dressing room.

Use Downlights

Downlights are simply lights that have been positioned in the ceiling, shining directly downward. This creates quite a strong light, so you may want to consider angling them slightly at the walls or cupboards. You want to have a fairly strong lighting system in your dressing room, as dim lights often conceal outfit malfunctions that bright lights will show, as well as affect the application of make-up. If you want a more dreamy, intimate lighting, you may want to consider getting other sources of light, or lights that can be dimmed.

Mirror Lights

Mirror lighting is an extremely important light source. Having lights around your mirror prevent shadows, therefore you want to have at least two or three pairs on each side of your mirror- a LED bar light is also a great option as the light it casts is large and even.

Open Shelving

A popular interior trend for dressing rooms is having open cupboards. Having cupboards without doors gives you the advantage of being able to see everything in your wardrobe at once. Install LED lighting strips behind at the back of each shelf, above the clothes to easily differentiate between colours and add some glamour to the room.

Open shelves have become a popular trend so try incorporating that with LED backlight for extra glamour.

Have Additional Lighting

It is easy to forget other sources of lighting when picking out your main lights, however the smaller, additional light sources are equally important. Ensure that your dressing room has plenty of task lighting, which is lighting that assists when picking out shoes or jewellery. Consider placing lamps near these areas, which will not only assist you in picking things out, but also looks good!

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