With the holiday season right around the corner, many homes are preparing to host guests.

One thing that you might not consider when preparing for guests is exterior lighting. It’s essential, though, as it lights the way for long-awaited evening conversations under the stars. Luckily, we have many great outdoor lighting solutions here at Lightco.

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting

Getting a couple of bollard lights isn’t enough. To properly light your home in the evening, you need a range of lights to create a dynamic, cosy environment for all to enjoy. Head to our blog for more lighting tips and suggestions, or read on to learn the expert tips for lighting your home’s exterior this holiday season.

1. Hang String Lights from Trees

Fairy lights aren’t just for your mantelpiece or table for holiday entertainment. To make your garden sparkle, hang string lights from your trees or bushes. It will still provide a soft, gentle light that looks incredibly beautiful.

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2. Use Automated Lighting

Are you looking to save on energy? If so, use automated lights for your outdoor space. That way, when someone steps outside, the lights automatically turn on to guide their way.

3. Get a Statement Lighting Piece

Choose a statement lighting piece to liven up your outdoor space and impress guests. Not only will it light the area, but it will also draw attention and make the space shine.

4. Light Up Different Colours

Fancy something a little more interesting for your entertainment lighting? If so, choose different coloured bulbs. With colours like red, blue, green, and pink, your outdoor space will become the most exciting place to be.

5. Use Solar Power

A great way to reduce energy usage while lighting your outdoor space is to use LED lights and use solar lighting. Using the sun’s energy, you can light your entire outdoor space when the sun goes down.

Light Up Your Outdoor Space with Lightco

Outdoor lighting is different from indoor lighting. That doesn’t mean you can’t get just as creative, however! Using beautiful outdoor lighting fixtures from LightCo, you can create an outdoor area that all your guests love. If you need advice on which lights to choose, contact us. We are always happy to assist.

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