Here at Lightco, we know how challenging it is to light a space efficiently while maintaining attractiveness. There’s so much to consider, from which products to spotlight to what light temperature to use. It’s not as simple as going into a store and walking out with the perfect light for your retail space!

Light Up Your Retail Space with Lightco

Thankfully, we have collected the best tips to make retail lighting easier. Plus, we have a great range of lights to suit all needs. Visit our blog page for more advice on lighting. Otherwise, read on for the best retail lighting tips.

1. Consider the Size of Your Space

The last thing you want is to switch on your brand-new lights, only to realize that it’s far too dim. That is what happens when you don’t consider the size of your retail space. You need the brightness to reach every corner so that no customers have to shop in the dark.

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2. Focus on Ambient Lighting

Accent lighting is important, but ambient lighting is what will make the place feel comfortable. Use accent lighting on particular products and attractions, but keep it gentle by also adding in a lot of ambient lighting. Ambient lights often sit on the wall and the ceiling.

3. Choose an Interesting Light

To stand out in the crowd, don’t always play it safe. Consider the general aesthetic of your retail space, and then choose a unique light fixture or lamp to complement it. It’s always good to have a standout feature!

4. Avoid Mixing Light Temperatures

Mixing light temperatures can work sometimes, but you need to appeal to the general population, so play it safe. Don’t go too warm or too cool either. If you want a warmer atmosphere, choose warm bulbs and use them throughout the space, making sure you don’t also use cold light!

Shop at Lightco for your Retail Lighting Needs

We have an excellent range of lights to ensure your retail space is comfortable, attractive, and highlights your best items. If you need more help, visit our contact page.

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