Lighting is a crucial factor when decorating a home. Get it right, and enjoy a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere in every room. Get it wrong, and you might end up with a home you’re not entirely happy with. The team here at Lightco understands the importance of good home lighting, which is why we have our range of tips – as well as high-quality lights – to help our customers.

Lighting Changes a Space

Lighting can make or break a room. It changes it by shifting focus and altering the way a space looks. So, how exactly does it manage that? Find out just how powerful lighting is in the home’s interior below—looking for home lighting tips? Go to our blog, where you will find plenty!

1. Added Dimension

Did you know that lighting can change the room’s dimensions? It actively changes the way a room looks. If you compared a room with a single ceiling light to one with a mixture of layered lighting, you’d witness a complete change of dimension.

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2. Shifted Focus

You can use lighting to shift focus in a room. One great example of this is task lighting. Interior designers incorporate task lighting into rooms to light up a single area, such as a kitchen counter or dining table. However, you can also use lighting to shift focus to highlight a piece of furniture or artwork.

3. Extra Beauty

Lighting isn’t just about being functional – it also beautifies spaces. That’s especially true with decorative lighting. Take this glass crystal ceiling fitting as an example; its beautiful, glistening crystals are exciting and luxurious, adding shimmer and luxury to a room as well as lighting. Plenty of other types of light fittings add beauty too, and you can get as unique as you want with bold and brilliant pendants or animal-shaped table lamps. To find the best lighting to suit your tastes, look at a range of home lighting inspiration to see what appeals to you.

Find Your Home Lighting Inspiration at Lightco

We have many great lights on sale here at Lightco, so browse until you find the perfect lighting fixture to spruce up your home! Need any help? Contact us with any questions you may have.

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