Your shop display window is more important than most people realize. By creating an interesting and appealing display, you are able to catch the eye of potential customers and invite them into your store to find out more about your products. Lighting plays an important role in shop displays and helps create a memorable first impression of your store. You can do this simply by following these shop display window lighting tips.

Best Lighting Tips for Display Windows

Read through our top tips on how to make the most out of your display window’s lighting:

1. Observe your Window Display Before Adding Light

An important task that most shop owners forget to do eye-catching lighting to their display window, is simply going outside and observing their display. Most passers-by merely glance at window displays, therefore it is vital that the main display is at eye-level and easy to identify. You may want to make a mark with an erasable marker or tape to use as guidance whilst setting up your display. Anything below or above eye-level will generally be missed by the average passer-by, therefore you want to make sure your lighting and placement is eye-level so to draw as much attention to your product as possible.

2. Use Colour Lighting

If your window display is lit up with bold, coloured lighting, more attention will be paid to your shop and catch the eye of potential customers from close-by and further away. Bold coloured lights attract more attention from afar than regular lighting, which is what you want. However, you need to ensure that the coloured lighting complements your product on display. If you are unsure what colours complement your product, then just stick to your product’s main colours.

3. Don’t Forget About Sunlight

Most people prefer sunlight to artificial lighting, so if you can use direct sunlight in the daytime, then go ahead. Natural lighting gives the warmth that artificial lighting cannot, however, the trick lies in the evening when you turn your lights on. Ensure that your display window is lit by dark, ensure you are punctual, as being the first lit shop at dusk will give you the extra attention from passers-by, getting you ahead of your competition and attracting customers to your eye-catching display.

4. Use Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is lighting that targets a specific area or thing, such as a spotlight. If your display window is overcrowded, people will most likely be overwhelmed and not stop to look at everything. You can avoid this by using accent lighting to highlight the most important parts of the display and will reduce glares and shadows surrounding the display.

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