Makeup application is a task that often requires intense concentration and patience. The lighting surrounding your dresser can be the difference between a flawless or fail makeover. Luckily, if your bedroom or bathroom has bad lighting, you can easily make the necessary changes by reading Lightco‘s makeup lighting lips and bringing them into your home. Make sure that your lighting isn’t the reason your makeup isn’t on point.

The Best Way to Light Your Face for Makeup Application

In this blog, we delve into the 5 tips that will help you improve the lighting that surrounds your vanity mirror.

Lighting for Makeup Tip #1: Make Use of Natural Lighting Whenever Possible

When it comes to makeup application, your most trusted friend is natural lighting. Whenever possible, open the curtains and do your makeup in natural lighting for the most natural look. Applying your makeup in the natural light will allow you to apply it as the rest of the world will see. Lighting often results in makeup appearing too light or too dark when you enter natural light, so applying your products in daylight will show you exactly how your makeup will look when you leave the house.

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Lighting for Makeup Tip #2: Avoid Yellow Lighting

Lighting that has a yellow, rose or golden tint is lighting that you need to avoid when putting on makeup. These lighting tones can colour your skin with a warm glow which results in too much makeup being applied. Lighting that is coloured in any way can tamper with colours and shades, often resulting in makeup being applied with a heavier hand.

Lighting for Makeup Tip #3: Always Stand in Front of the Light

Whether you have a vanity mirror with installed lights or a desk lamp, it is important that it is directly facing you. By standing in front of your light source, you are eliminating shadows being cast on your face. Lighting from above can also shine down onto your face, accentuating wrinkles and pigmentation that will cause you to look instantly older and perhaps going a little too hard on the foundation or concealer. No-one likes a cakey makeup look.

Lighting for Makeup Tip #4: Use White LED Lightbulbs

White LED lightbulbs are the next best thing to natural sunlight. This is because the warm white lighting resembles natural lighting and evenly distributes light. If possible, try ensuring that you have sufficient light distribution across your room so that your face is lit up at all angles; this means making use of side lighting and not just from above the mirror. LED strip lights are a great option if you have a vanity mirror, as strip lights are able to distribute more light than regular lightbulbs can.

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