How do you get a flawless look every time when applying your makeup? The secret is to invest in good lighting and to make it count! Sure, good pigments and a steady hand will go a long way in helping you create a look that is exactly what you wanted for the red carpet, but without good lighting, you will be – quite literally – stabbing in the dark with that mascara wand!

The Ideal Lighting for Makeup Application

Hands down, the ideal lighting for makeup application is actually a warm light, closer to the yellow side than the bright blue daylight bulb that so many makeup mirrors come installed with.

Lighting should be soft, and you should avoid any dramatic lighting within your bathroom or bedroom, wherever you apply your makeup, but it should always be directional and light up your face evenly, avoiding any shadowy areas.

The reason makeup artists prefer warm light is that it replicates the sun at golden hour, the hours directly before sunset and directly after sunrise, which is known the world over as the most beautiful light possible. You can learn more about the different types of lighting you can get on our blog.

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Avoid Downlighting

It’s a popular trend right now to make bathrooms with bright downlighting, and, most of the time, the bulbs used for downlighting are very bright and very cool. While this may be nice for you while you’re getting changed or having a shower, for makeup application, this type of lighting adds harsh and unwanted shadows, especially under the chin and under the eyes.

This lighting will do you no favours and will actually make you look older. Not something anyone wants when they’re doing their makeup!

Get The Ideal Makeup Lighting with Lightco

Lightco has many years of experience working on lighting up the homes and lives of South Africans, and we take lighting very seriously!

If you’re wondering what the best options are for task lighting, such as lighting for makeup application, contact the team today. We’ll be happy to talk through your choices with you to ensure your home and your makeup looks it’s best.

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