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4 Areas of Your Home to Add Additional Lighting

There is no reason why anyone should have to put up with bad lighting around their property, so if your space is looking anything less than bright and glorious, you need to invest in better lighting sooner rather than later.

From wall-mounted lights to outdoor pendant lighting to outdoor lamp posts, there are so many different types of lights that you can add to the exterior of your home. Discover below the top exterior areas of your property that are screaming out for new and improved outdoor lighting.

1. On Your Decking

If you have decking in your garden, LED decking lights are a great choice. Not only are they energy-efficient, meaning that they lower your property’s carbon footprint, but they also do an amazing job of lighting up the area and making sure nobody takes a tumble once the sun goes down.

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2. By Your Porch

Porch lighting has come a long way in recent years, with innovative designs that can provide enhanced security, long term efficiency and can complement the overall aesthetics of your home.

Although you may be tempted to opt for harsh lighting to deter thieves and light up the area, you also need to remember that your porch should be a welcoming space for visitors. Lanterns placed on either side of your porch are an attractive and practical option, as are spotlights that directly sit above the door.

3. Along Your Pathway

Unless you want your guests to be tripping over as they make their way down your garden, pathway lights are essential outdoor lighting. Designed to help guide people along an outdoor path or walkway, pathway lights come in many different forms, such as garden lights, downlights or bollard lights.

4. By The Garage Or Shed

You need to have easy and safe access to both your garage and/or shed, so good lighting is key. Spots, work fixtures, and outdoor plafond lamps can all be mounted on the ceiling of your garage or shed, whereas wall lights are ideal for placing on the wall of your garage or shed. Having lighting outside your garage or shed will also deter thieves looking to break in if you get motion sensor lights.

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