At Lightco, we believe that lighting is one of the most important aspects of any room, which is why it is important that you get it just right. If you have some spare space on tables and other surfaces around your home, consider adding an additional layer of lighting to brighten up the space.

3 Table Lamp Styles Perfect for Any Home

Add a stylish and personal touch by incorporating a few of these table lamp styles into your home’s interior. Not only will these lights serve as focus lights to various areas of your home, but they will also add an extra element to the rooms visual appeal. Here are just 3 trendy table lamp styles that we think will suit any home.

Table Lamp Trend #1: Gourd Lamps for Elegance

Gourd lamps are a great addition if you are going for an elegant and chic interior. These lamps are available in a variety of different colours and materials, such as clear glass or metal, to compliment any colour scheme. Their curvy base looks great bedside or on side tables.

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Table Lamp Trend #2: Tripod Lamps for Modern Interior

If your home is filled with modern and futuristic pieces, the tripod lamp style is ideal for you. Serving as a unique statement piece in itself, this lamp will look great on a minimalistic office desk. Eye-catching, statement table lamps are trending at the moment and will be a welcomed addition to your home.

Table Lamp Trend #3: Detailed Lamps for Minimalistic Homes

If your home is fairly clutter-free, simple or minimalistic, detailed table lamps are a great way to add some detail and personality without ruining the look. Lamp bases made up of unique shapes or eye-catching materials, such as crystal, will add the perfect finishing touches to an orderly and pristine home.

Table Lamp Trend #4: Cement for a More Rustic Look

Some of the above-mentioned table lamps may be a little too flashy for your rustic and simple home; no problem! Cement lamp bases are super trendy but also simple. Perfect in a modern home, equally perfect blending into a rustic, homely interior. Regardless of your home’s style, this lamp is bound to attract some attention for its arty appeal.

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