The new year always brings with it new lighting fads and trends, some of which will be a distant memory before long, but many of which will shape the future of commercial lighting. If you want to keep your business up-to-date and on the leading-edge of emerging trends and technologies, then you’ll want to keep an eye on 2019’s biggest commercial lighting trends to see how you can use them to your company’s benefit in 2019 and into the future.

Emerging Signage & Branding Technology

With ever-expanding populations and economies among increasingly-competitive industries, consumers feel like they have seen it all. In order to remain memorable and relevant, brands need to continually reassess their marketing tactics to provide ongoing appeal.

Custom Lighting for Varying Functionality

Smart technology and the Internet of things has introduced infinite new options for commercial lighting functionality, thanks to LED lighting’s adjustment capabilities. Colour and intensity can be configured according to the requirements of the area in question to provide additional illumination or dimmer, more energy-efficient ‘mood’ lighting, according to your needs.

Responsive displays provide instant experiences with your brand.

The Responsivity & Interactivity of Digitisation

Digital signage is a popular new form of branding, as it provides the flexibility of real-time updates and brand messages. Digitisation allows you to seamlessly keep your viewers and passersby informed of specials and changes to provide more convenience and approachability. Responsive displays such as the one pictured below provide static or dynamic platforms for users to interact with to gain information about your brand. According to this recent in-depth digital signage report carried out by the Networld Media Group, “Interactive digital signage bridges the gap between the online world and the customer. The latest large-format, touch-enabled interactive screens and kiosks create new modes of customer engagement for businesses and other institutions.”

Responsive displays provide instant experiences with your brand.

3. Personalisation

Brands who serve a specific demographic have found success in personalising their signage and lighting fixtures to represent their target audience. Personalised lighting is an effective way to catch the eye of your desired demographic, as it breaks through the surrounding clutter and speaks to them directly.

Personalised lighting speaks directly to your target audience.

2. Minimalism

Due to the sheer inundation of colours and forms consumers are exposed to on a daily basis, clean, minimalist designs seem to cut most effectively through all the chaos and noise of louder, less subtle designs and palettes and allows your brand’s message to stand out and leave a mark.

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As you can see, keeping your lighting and signage fresh and cutting-edge is a great way to attract customers, show them that you haven’t lost your touch and stand out from your competition. For expert assistance in all things lighting-related, chat to one of our friendly lighting pros today!