Your exterior lighting fixtures are key elements in the design and function of your outdoor space, be it around your front door, or throughout your backyard. We at Lightco want to help educate homeowners on the musts and must-nots that go into exterior lighting and how you can create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

What Style of Exterior Lighting Suits My Home?

First things first, you need to take a look at the style of your home: Is it modern, traditional, French, or rustic? What kind of materials are used? Stonework, choice of roofing, texture of plaster, brick, all of these change the look and feel of a house.

Consider these factors, as well as the colours used, when choosing exterior lighting fixtures. Homes with warm earth tones will benefit from metallic finishes in bronze, brass, or copper, whilst homes in cooler slate tones will suit lighting fixtures in black, pewter, cool chrome, and white.

Size also comes into play, as a too-small or too-large light fixture will mess with the proportions of your design. Generally, designers look at the height of the door and choose a light fixture that is one-fifth of that measurement. Consider aligning your exterior lighting with the other features of your house, such as windows and doors, for a centred or balanced look.

Can I Make These Fixtures Energy Efficient?

Considering the rapid depletion of non-renewable resources such as the fossil fuels required for electricity, it is a plain and responsible choice to look into the energy efficiency of your exterior lighting. You could consider our LED exterior lighting options, or our solar lights, which make up a small portion of our energy efficient options.

How Much Light Do I Need?

No really, have you thought about this? Outdoor lighting often needs to illuminate a space without placing a spotlight on it, which is a balance that homeowners need to consider. Try to combine multiple exterior lighting fixtures to create a well-lit appearance without too much focus: This could be done by using spaced-out fixtures over your front door, garage, and pathway.

Further, the material of your exterior lighting can change the amount and temperature of light that it emits. Clear glass may illuminate well, but materials such as frosted glass and textured clear glass create different atmospheres. The type of bulbs you choose will also affect the appearance, be it filament bulbs, LEDs, energy savers, and more.

Who Should I Trust To Get It Right?

Lightco boasts an extensive online selection of interior and exterior lighting fixtures that you can incorporate into your design, and use to illuminate your special home. You can browse our online store or visit a physical store to browse our lighting options in person. Contact us to chat about your interior and exterior lighting requirements and how we can help you.