With a new year, comes new and exciting trends that we can obsess over for the next 365 days. Obviously, our favourite trends to get involved in are lighting trends and we love finding out what our customers are currently loving. 2022 is already proving to be good year in terms of lighting trends, so we are sharing our top 3 picks with you!

2022 Lighting Trends You’ll Love

Take a look at our favorite lighting trends for 2022 – you are bound to find something that you love! For more lighting inspiration and tips, visit our blog page.

1. Vintage Appeal

Vintage is back with a bang, and we love the effect that they bring to a homes interior décor. The great thing about vintage items is that they never truly go out of style, which is great if you are a person who does a home revamp once in a blue moon. These items are timeless, so there will be no reason to replace them anytime soon.

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2. Alabaster Fixtures

If you love the antique look, as well as neutral items then alabaster fixtures are just what you need. If you want something a little more unique, you can find one that has a shape you love! They also cast a soft, warm light to the room which makes them the perfect addition to your primary lighting.

3. The Bolder, the Better

In 2022, it is all about being bold and taking risks, and we are really seeing that in home décor as of late. Lighting has more purpose than just lighting areas of your home- they are art and statement pieces in themselves. Abstract lights are gaining popularity in households, particularly for minimalists- why have additional décor when you can use one item for décor and lighting?

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