We are now well into the new year and decade, which as we know always accompanies some restorative resolutions. To help you light up your life in 2020, the Lightco team recommend you make these lighting resolutions this year.

6 Resolutions to Light Up Your Life in 2020

Improving the way your home looks when it’s illuminated at night and how it feels when it’s full of light is just as gratifying as changing the furniture. Keep reading the blog for some ideas for your New Year’s lighting resolutions in 2020.

Resolution #1: Light Up Your Dark Corners

One easy way to make your home look high-tech and ultra-chic is by lighting up the darker areas of each room. Your shelving units, cupboards, and darker recesses can all be lit-up to create small alcoves of light. You can even use this lighting technique to spotlight prized possessions.

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If you have collectables or particular items you want to draw more attention to, then adding lights that are flush with the shelving or ceiling can help you illuminate objects in a way that looks poised and deliberate.

Resolution #2: Expand into the Outdoors

If you’ve always wanted that perfect outdoor space to host in, then there’s no time like the present to start developing it. Adding strings of lights to your pergola or little solar lights around your garden can create a beautiful evening and nighttime environment. If you’re choosing permanent, year-round lights then LED lights might be more beneficial. They’re much more hardy and can tolerate much more dramatic swings in temperature.

Resolution #3: Invest in Quality Lightbulbs

You may already have beautiful lighting fixtures that create interesting lighting effects in each room, but without the correct bulbs to complement them. Sometimes, the bulb can have just as profound an effect as the fixture itself.

Changing to softer lighting, such as LED bulbs, could make your rooms feel might more subtly radiant when the lights are on. These bulbs, in particular, are very effective at creating a pleasant, warm effect.

Resolution #4: Get Creative

If you have one big resolution for your lighting in 2020, it should be to shake things up a bit. If you can’t quite put your finger on what you would like to change about your lighting, then it might simply be that you need to branch out a little bit with your style.

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Resolution #5: Experiment with Coloured Lighting

With smaller, more discreet lighting, you could give it the option to change colour. This could be a great way of energising entertainment rooms or adding soothing changes to relaxation rooms, such as your bathroom.

Resolution #6: Explore Dimmer Switch Options

Instead of opting for a simple on and off style switch, why not try a dimmer switch? This could set the tone in your dining room or living room with just one easy change.

Find Your Lighting Inspiration Online or Instore with Lightco

Your news years lighting resolutions should be all about creativity. Putting some fun back into your home with your lighting can make a world of difference with just the change of a lightbulb, or maybe even the addition of a few new ones. If you already have it all when it comes to perfectly night lightbulbs and shades, then why not think outside the box? Adding coloured bulbs or minor adjustments could also make a profound change to each room. Visit your nearest branch or get in touch to request a quote.

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