Summer is about to hit full swing, and we want to help you make the most of the extra sunlight. Squeeze every last drop out of cheery summertime light with these lighting tips to help you embrace the season of outdoor living and entertainment.

Go Minimalist with Indoor Lighting

When it comes to interior lighting, particularly in the summertime, be careful not to go overboard, but rather stick to a less-is-more approach. Too much light can be overwhelming on the eyes, but strategically placed lamps can create interesting contrast and focal points throughout a space. Extra ambient light makes interior lights less necessary in the early evening hours.

Subtle Ambient Light is Ideal for Entertainment Areas

For entertainment areas that area immediately outside, such as dining areas overlooking patios, subtle ambient lighting filtering indoors through the windows or French doors adds a classy touch and creates a warm and inviting ambience. Pendant lighting and ceiling fans with light kits and dimmer switches are very popular for this purpose, with added versatility that adapts to the mood as needed.

Consider the Outside View from the Inside

Take a walk through the whole home, taking note of what each exterior space looks like from the inside, as these perspectives also contribute to the overall lighting effect. By using low lighting in the garden and placing lanterns and spotlights on the pathways you expand the view and feeling of roominess in the interior space. Solar powered garden lights are fantastic for this.

Consider the Landscape Lighting

Lastly, your exterior. Since outdoors is where you and you guests will be spending much time during the warmer months, landscape lighting is a great way to define the area with warm light that has an expansive effect. Pathways, lawns and garden features or seating areas are also illuminated with these lights, offering safety and ambience. Some landscape lighting comes with a timer so that you can extend its life by only using during the dark hours, while cutting back on power usage (and utility bills) during the day. For summer lighting inspiration, take a look at the Lightco’s exterior lighting range.

Talk to Lightco, The Summer Lighting Pros

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