If you love to embrace the latest lighting trends, then you are in for a treat. In 2022, there are many new exciting home lighting styles and designs for you to try. However, as with almost every year, there are a few lighting trends that should never see the light of day.

Keep reading to find out exactly what they are!

2022 Lighting Trends to Avoid

Following the latest interior design trends can be a little bit of a minefield, to say the least. While you may think you are being quirky and forward-thinking, some lighting trends simply belong in the bin.

Here at Lightco, we have made it our mission to bring stylish and affordable lighting to our customers, which is why we have rounded up the top four lighting trends to avoid in 2022.

1. Sculptural Shapes

While bold sculptural shapes are set to be big in 2022, they are not suited to all styles of homes. In fact, unless you have a very modern and minimalist property, these types of lighting fixtures will look out of place in practically any room in your home.

Instead, opt for simple lighting designs that will give a nod to this trend without making your home look too uninviting.

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2. Marble Floor Lamps

Unless you have a big budget, marble floor lamps are out of reach for most households, putting them firmly in our lighting trends to avoid list. Although these can look very elegant and act as a focal point in a room, metallic floor lamps can have the exact same effect but at a much lower price point. Take a look for yourself to see how it can work in your room.

3. Scalloped Edges

Seen all over the top interior design magazines, we can’t help but find scalloped edges to be a little too ostentatious. Said to be one of the most versatile lighting styles, we prefer the contemporary look of pendant lights or the traditional appearance of a sophisticated chandelier.

4. OTT Lighting

Here at Lightco, we love layered lighting just as much as the next person. However, one lighting trend for 2022 that we can’t get on board with is OTT lighting. Essentially, the act of placing multiple different styles and designs of lighting in one space, over-the-top lighting is supposed to create a versatile and stimulating home.

However, in our opinion, too much lighting results in a chaotic and cluttered-looking house that lacks design direction.

Discover the Best Lighting Trends for Your Home with Lightco

Now that you know which lighting trends to avoid this year, let us help you find the right ones to update and refresh your home in 2022. Get in touch with our stylish and friendly team here and discover the perfect lighting for your home.

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