Anyone with interior design experience will tell you that lighting plays an enormous role in the overall look and feel of your home, as it is used to highlight your favourite features in your home and create a welcoming space for all. This blog will break down some of the lighting trends for 2018 that have governed the interior decorating industry in recent months…

Retro and Industrial Styles Are In

All facets of interior design are turning back to industrial inspiration when it comes to decorating a modern home. Retro elements are combined with industrial, metallic, and bold pieces to create a vintage-yet-hyper-modern style that appeals to masculine and feminine tastes. We recommend combining rustic finishes, neutral tones, and metallic elements to create the quintessential industrial space. Retro elements bring warmth and intrigue back into the space, as well. Industrial style is captured in an interesting and inventive way without a Cantilever Floor Lamp, which mimics a pulley system over the top of the simple shade.

Clean Lines Create Classy Modern Style

Modern interior design has long been married with clean lines and simple, bold shapes that segment space and bring its best features to the fore. Excessive glamour and ornamentation are losing popularity as simplified shapes take over, even in the realm of lighting. We think that clean lines suit modern homes far better than cluttered ornate shapes: our Three-Tier Pendant Light is a supremely modern fixture with just enough detail to catch the eye, yet subtle enough to appeal to a minimalist palate.

Statement Chandeliers Are All the Rage

Statement chandeliers are a wonderful way in which to draw attention to a focal point in the room without dominating the space too much. A huge trend right now, statement chandeliers are used as accent pieces in an otherwise simple, minimalistic room. We love this Large Cylindrical Chandelier that plays with the idea of what a chandelier ought to look like – definitely for the daring. For those looking to accent a room with more modern styling, we think our Five-Light Wrought Iron Chandelier is a great choice.

Wall Sconces Are Making a Comeback

Whilst a wall sconce may tempt you to imagine a yellowed, tired-looking light fixture clinging desperately to a wall in a dodgy old hotel, we are about to change that perception! Wall sconces are making a huge comeback, with modern designs accenting walls beautifully, creating interesting shapes and features with light. For softer, inviting light you can try our Gypsum Grooved Light, with its simplistic design. For the modern designer, our Single Light on Bar may suit your tastes. And finally, those looking to achieve a more luxe look should check out our K9 Crystal Light, with its beautiful cascade of crystalline beauty.