When it comes to lighting your home, outdoor space, or business environment, there are many options available to you in terms of lighting and bulb type. Choosing the right option means understanding what each one offers and how to best use it in any space to create the perfect environment.

At Lightco, we provide a variety of lighting in many different styles, as well as a wealth of choice for bulbs and design.

What are the Different Types of Lighting?

Below are the most common lighting terms applicable to any space or environment. We also discuss other lighting options over at our blog.

1. Ambient Lighting

This is possibly one of the most important lighting options for any space because it sets the general mood and light source for a room. Ambient lighting means lighting a space in a way that allows you to see everything as you need to and with a particular glow that inspires a certain mood.

Ambient lighting for a living space, for example, could be a warm glow, which helps for relaxation and also provides practical lighting so that you can see what you’re doing.

Any bulb type with a warm colour to it can be perfect for ambient lighting, whether overhead lights or lamp bulbs.

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2. Accent Lighting

This is lighting that has a particular focus on one or more elements of a room. Accent lighting is perfect for highlighting something which you want to use as a focal point. This could be a piece of artwork, a particular wall, or a bookshelf.

Accent lighting is best done with dedicated lamps, like picture lights or spotlights.

3. Task Lighting

This is a very practical method of lighting, as it’s used for a specific purpose. Task lighting could be for a desk workspace or for lighting an area within which you need to see as clearly as possible. Task lighting also helps to reduce eye strain by providing a backlight to a task.

Task lighting can be achieved by bright desk lamps or even bright outdoor security lights that illuminate your outside space.

4. Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting works to serve specifically your outside space. This could incorporate ambient or task lighting to create the desired illumination, or it could be security lighting options to keep your home or place of business safe.

Solar-powered bulbs are the best options for eco-friendly outdoor lighting.

Browse Lightco’s Lighting Options to Find Your Desired Type

Use our categories to find your lighting options by type, colour, or style. No matter the purpose of your lighting, we have a great selection, whether it’s focal lighting, outdoor lighting, or ambient bulbs.

Understanding the source of light you need and its purpose before browsing will help you to best find the right lighting type for you.

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