Many people forget the power of light when it comes to interior design, but the lighting makes or breaks the aesthetic of your home. When it comes to ambience, function, and form, your home lighting should be your number one focus. With these top lighting tips from Lightco, you’ll know just how to mix a functional lighting setup with your home’s aesthetic for the ultimate interior design.

Ultimate Home Lighting Tips to Get Started

This lighting guide will help you understand how to elevate your home’s lighting to make it just as important to your interior design strategy as your art. We here at Lightco are passionate about interior lights and want you to get the most out of your lighting by frequently offering design ideas on our blog. To start lighting your way to a brand new home, however, start here with these top lighting tips:

1. Add a Statement Showstopper

When it comes to main rooms like your dining room and living room, one of the top lighting tips is to start with a showstopping chandelier. These lighting elements are perfect for spaces where you and your family frequently lounge. It’s also a great way to draw the eye up if you have high ceilings or interesting design details like crown moulding. Chandeliers can be classic crystal, or completely modern to suit your style.

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2. Invest in Task Lighting

Task lighting is as beautiful as it is functional. Typically task lights are either spotlights or pot lights that are installed in the ceiling or walls. They’re directed towards main areas like your kitchen counter where you’ll be working.

3. Bring the Eye Down with Downlighting

A great way to make any space feel more cosy and warm is to use downlighting like Lightco’s lineup of table and floor lamps. These lights keep the eye low so that they focus on your furnishings. Downlights are like a warm hug, particularly after the sun sets.

4. Give Your Cabinets Some Love

One of the lighting updates that can make a massive difference in your home lighting in your cabinets and closets. How often have you fumbled around in the dark when searching for something? Adding cabinet and closet lights immediately makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, and if your doors have glass panels, it’s a great way to add design as well as function.

5. Decorate with Light

Go all out for your lights. With the exception of recessed lighting, each light you choose should elevate the design of your home. This way, they’ll add to your home design whether they’re on or not.

Redesign Your Home and Paint it in a New Light with Lightco

We offer a comprehensive range of products so you can update your home lighting to your style. Add form to function, design to essentials, and you’ll light your way to a brand-new home. If you need help designing your home lighting strategy, then contact us. We’ll be happy to pair you with the perfect lights for your home.

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