Lighting has the power to transform any home, and it’s also essential for practicality as well as for creating the right ambience. With new lighting trends for 2022, it’s important to know how to light your home using the latest and greatest design trends, as well as understand functionality in lighting for this year and beyond.

At Lightco, we know all about functional lighting and more to illuminate your home the right way.

2022 Lighting Trends: Functionality and More

Here are the trends to watch out for this year when it comes to your home lighting. You can find further lighting tips over at our blog page.

1. Functionality Through Smart Lighting

Most homes in this modern age are turning to smart solutions for their space, and lighting is no different. Functionality as a trend can be achieved by smart light systems, which give you practical lighting when you need it, and ambient lighting to set a mood. Smart lighting means automation as well as practicality.

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2. Oversized Lighting is a Must

More and more homes are embracing an open-plan living style for a more sociable space, which is where oversized lighting comes in. This provides functionality through the most amount of light for a space through one oversized feature instead of several smaller lights distributed around an open-plan space.

3. The Switch to Eco-Friendly Lighting

Any home looking to upgrade this year and beyond is going to be taking in environmental factors. Lighting is one huge part of the home that can be improved for a more eco-friendly living, such as with eco-friendly bulbs and lighting solutions that can help to reduce energy bills.

Illuminate Your Home with the Latest Lighting Trends and Lightco Solutions

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