Although ambient lighting can be easy to achieve in the darkness of the winter months, we at Lightco realise that the brighter skies of summer can make it difficult to attain the atmosphere that you wish for your summer dinner and garden parties.

5 Tips for Making the Most of Ambient Light in Summer

However, you should plan ahead during these winter months to choose the right lighting and techniques that will bathe your home in the ambience that you desire. Keep reading the blog as we uncover 5 tips for exploiting ambient summer lighting in your home.

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Tip #1: Enjoy Natural Lighting

Although it can be important to use lamps and other light fixtures during the summer, you should take advantage of the natural lighting that summertime provides for you. Using reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, will help to increase the effect of natural lighting, and you should boost the brightness of your rooms by using soft lamps and lighting to sharpen the darker corners of your home. You can also use natural lighting to charge solar lighting solutions, which can help to bring a warm glow to your exterior during the evening.

Tip #2: Have Multiple Light Fixtures

However, to ensure that you can create the right ambience during summer evenings, you should attempt to install multiple light fixtures, such as wall lights, lamps, footlights and LED strips, to ensure that you have a range of different lighting solutions in your home.

This can be useful during the summer, as this lets you edit your lighting in accordance with the changing weather and brightness of the evenings, allowing you to achieve ambience throughout the evening and into the night.

Tip #3: Use Dimmers

Most individuals create ambience in our homes through soft, warm lighting, and dimmers can help you to achieve this. Dimmers can soften the glare of your lighting, while ensuring the areas of your home that need brighter lights, such as the kitchen, are able to receive this.

Splitting your home into lighting zones is the perfect option for those who want to create a different atmosphere in every room of the house. This is especially important during summer when the different directions that your home faces could impact the amount of light in each room.

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Tip #4: Use Your Garden Space

The summertime is when your garden is able to look its best, with sprawling trees and bushes making the perfect props to hang and showcase your lighting. Here at Lightco, we provide a range of different exterior lighting solutions for your home, which include lanterns and wall lights that you can attach to fences or hang from trees for a charming garden ambience that your family and your guests will love.

Tip #5 Consider the Temperature of Your Light Color

Many families choose to spend the summer eating and chatting outdoors. This makes the need for outdoor lighting such as foot, flood and spotlights greater, allowing your family to avoid tripping and highlighting the most beautiful features of your garden. However, when choosing exterior lighting to perfect your ambience, it is best to choose warm colours rather than the bright white glare that is often seen in gardens.

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