Is your small living room space driving you to distraction?

Are you fed up with feeling cramped and looking cluttered?

If yes, then you will be pleased to know that you are only a few seconds away from finding out how you can transform your small living room into a more useable and comfortable space within your home.

From how to optimize a small space using lighting to arrange your furniture for maximum clearance, keep reading to discover how you can learn to love your small living room space.

The Problems of Having a Small Living Room

Only those who have lived in and experienced a small living room space will genuinely understand what it is like, from not having room for a table and chairs, to having to deal with awkward nooks and crannies that are just wasted space, to not even being able to fit in your prized sofa.

Fortunately, if you currently have a small living room, here are four ways to optimize a small space and make this key room in your home more liveable and enjoyable for you and your guests.

1. Banish Bad Lighting

A cramped space typically comes with dark corners and little in the way of natural light, so you need to be clever when it comes to lighting your small living room.

Your best bet is to use both overhead lighting and wall lights rather than lamps to minimise the amount of space needed for your lighting choices. You may also want to position a few well-placed mirrors that will reflect the light from your new lighting and make your small living room appear much bigger.

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2. White Works Wonders

Apologies if you love all things bright and bold, but if you want to optimize a small space, you need to keep the colour of your walls as neutral as possible. In fact, if you want your small living room to appear light and spacious, you should opt for plain white walls.

3. Hang High

In terms of storage, hanging shelves should be your go-to option. With the ability to use otherwise wasted wall space, hanging shelves can be used to store books, ornaments, or even just as a way to add decorative items to your living room.

4. Lounge in an ‘L’

You may not want to hear this, but if your sofa is too big for your small living room, it needs to go. No amount of lighting or mirrors will be able to make your living room look bigger if a massive sofa is overpowering the whole space. Instead, look to investing in an L-shaped couch that can help you use your small space more efficiently.

Transform Your Living Room from Small to Spacious with Lighting from Lightco

Whatever lighting you want to use in your small living room, we have got you covered. From stunning chandeliers to warm wall-mounted fixtures, get in touch here today if you have any questions about our interior lights.

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