When designing an entertainment room, you might consider activities and decoration, but what about the lighting? Home lighting has a huge effect on the overall feel of a room, which means you must put some focus into it, especially with guests over. At Lightco, we specialise in the perfect lights for each room.

Lighting an Entertainment Room is Different to Lighting Other Rooms

An entertainment room is all about having a pleasant time with guests – something you’ll be doing more with the summer season coming up. This guide will help you achieve a comfortably lit entertainment room, and our blog page will help you with your other home lighting needs.

1. Remove Bright Lighting

You don’t need a harsh ceiling light to entertain guests. To help set the right tone, remove any overly bright lights from the room, whether that’s bright wall light bulbs or an eye-straining ceiling fixture.

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2. Use Accent Lights

Accent lights bring focus to a certain area. In an entertainment room, you could highlight an art piece, a book collection, or some plants with some directional fixtures.

3. Build the Ambience

Warmth and comfort are achieved through ambient lighting at home; reach this by adding a chandelier, some wall scones, and a floor lamp. You could even add a pop of colour with a neon sign for something a little more interesting.

4. Finish with Candles

Finally, finish off with some candles ready to light when your guests arrive. This small addition of a flickering flame will bring the whole room together, creating a cosy atmosphere that no one will want to leave.

Brighten Your Entertainment Room with Products from Lightco

Lighting an entertainment room is all about highlighting the right areas and creating an ambient, layered effect. Visit our contact page if you want more assistance with choosing the right fixtures for your entertainment room.

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