Your bedroom should be your safe haven from the rest of the world. Whether you are looking for quiet time, curling up and enjoying a good book, watching a movie or simply lying in your bed and chatting to your significant other, you can’t to feel comfortable. Lightco know that lighting plays a major role in comfort, so we are sharing how you can improve on bad lighting in your bedroom.

5 Ways on How to Improve Lighting in Your Bedroom

Here are 5 easy way that you can fix the issue of bad lighting in most bedrooms. Visit our blog for more home improvements tips.

1. Layer Your Lighting

This is the easiest way to fix bad lighting. Most rooms require three types of lighting; ambient, task and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the overall lighting in your bedroom, whilst task lighting is the bedside lamp used for a specific task such as reading in bed. The third light, accent lighting, is to highlight a certain item in your room such as an art piece.

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2. Dimmable Lights

This is a great way to be able to control the lighting in your room. Making the switch to dimmable lights allows for you to light your room based on your mood. Dim the lights when you are watching a movie or have them on bright when you are doing your make-up.

3. Don’t Just Rely on Vanity Lighting At the Dresser

If you have a vanity light around your mirror that is responsible for lighting that side of your room, it is time to bring in some back-up. Vanity lights are nowhere near enough, you want to add a lamp or desk light for an extra boost.

4. Add a Chandelier Dazzle

Chandeliers don’t have to be massive like you have seen in ballrooms and entrance halls. Small, delicate chandeliers are a great decorative for a bedroom. Dazzling chandeliers offer an extra glow as the light reflects off of it and around the space.

5. Look at the Room’s Interior

A last resort to brighten up your room is to look at the interior. You may want to paint your walls a lighter colour, replace flooring with light wood or even extend the size of your windows to let more light in.

Light Your Home with Lightco

If your home has badly lit rooms or you simply are in the market for a new chandelier or statement lighting pendant, Lightco can help you. Contact us today or visit our website to browse our products.

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