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Read on to discover everything you need to know about warm and cool lighting and how to use it in your home for maximum impact.

Warm Lighting Vs. Cool Lighting

Different types of lighting will create different vibes, so you must ensure you choose the right type of lighting for your home. If you are keen on a cool and contemporary look, warm lighting isn’t going to achieve this for you. Rather it will create a cosy, more inviting vibe.

In the below blog, we will explore the difference between warm lighting and cool lighting. Plus, how to decide which type of interior home lighting is right for your property.

The Effects Of Cool Lighting

Cool lighting, as the name suggests, contains more blue in the bulb, which delivers a fresher and crisper type of lighting in your home. It is also brighter than warm lighting and can appear slightly harsh in residential homes if not used correctly. When around cool lighting, you may feel more focused and energised, thanks to the fresh, bright glow it offers.

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The Effects Of Warm Lighting

Warm lighting, on the other hand, contains more red, orange, and yellow tones, which means it offers a cosier and more welcoming feel within your home. Warm lighting tends to be the standard choice for use in most home settings. Many people find this to be a soothing option and is perfect for when people want to wind down at the end of the day, particularly in the evening.

Where To Use Cool Lighting

Cool lighting tends to be used much more in commercial settings than residential ones, as it is a lot brighter. That being said, it can be used effectively in your home as long as you place it in the right places.

As a general rule, cool lighting works well in the bathroom, as this is a highly functional space, and also in the kitchen areas where you need a little bit more light. If you have a home office, too, cool lighting can help to improve your overall productivity and allow you to work efficiently for longer periods of time.

Where To Use Warm Lighting

Warm lighting solutions can be used anywhere in your home where you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is most commonly used in the living room to add warmth and in the bedroom to aid relaxation and prepare you for a good night’s sleep. As these rooms are associated with chilling and relaxing, it makes sense to use lights that aid this.

Warm lighting is also a great idea for the garden as it will accent your landscaping and stop the space from feeling too ghostly.

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