The entrance to your home is the first thing that people see, so you need to make sure that your foyer is as fabulous as it can be. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to creating an elaborate home entrance, then we are here to help. Keep reading to discover four ways that you can transform the entrance to your home with home lighting and foyer décor without blowing your budget.

4 Ways to Make Your Entrance Shine

From adding the right home lighting to utilising the latest in foyer décor trends, find out from Lightco how you can make your entrance the envy of everyone you know with minimal effort and maximum results.

1. Use Strategically Placed Lanterns

If you want your entrance to stand out, then your guests first need to be able to see it. One of the most effective ways to light up your entrance is with the use of lanterns. Incredibly popular in homes across the country, lanterns can be placed on either side of your doorway to provide a stylish and practical element to your entrance.

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2. Bring The Outside In

As the entrance is the gateway between the outside and the inside of your home, you need to make sure that you are connecting these key areas in the best possible way. A simple trick is to bring some of the outdoors into your entrance in the form of freshly cut flowers or a cluster of small potted plants. Greenery remains a key interior design trend for 2022, so don’t be afraid to use it to spruce up your entrance.

3. Install A Chandelier

If you want to create a showstopping entranceway that will wow all your friends and family, then a luxury home lighting option like a chandelier is definitely the way to go. Hang directly above the middle of your hallway and see everyone’s mouths drop as they marvel at your stunning foyer lighting.

4. Layer Your Accessories

Now that you have your home lighting sorted, you can now add a few more accessories to add areas of interest and depth to your entrance. Some of the most popular entrance accessories include artwork, books, and ceramic decorative items such as statues and vases. The key to effective layering is not just layering items on top of one another but also using the depth of the surface area.

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