Industrial lighting styles are extremely popular for home interiors and can work particularly well with rustic wood panelling or exposed brickwork. The great feature of choosing this home lighting aesthetic is that it works well in any and every room.

At Lightco, we have everything you need to achieve that industrial-style look in your home.

How Can You Get Industrial Style Lighting in Your Home?

If you’re looking for an iconic industrial-style interior, whether simply for your lighting or for your whole look, here are a few handy ideas for you. For more lighting tips, check out our blog page.

1. Expose Your Bulbs

One recognisable feature of industrial-style lighting is often exposed bulbs. Bulbs without lampshades can be a lighting focal point all in themselves, as long as you choose the right bulbs. For this, you’ll want filament or retro bulbs to make sure the bulbs themselves are decorative industrial-style pieces.

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2. Use Wood and Wrought Iron

These are two materials that work well with the retro and industrial look. If you can use rustic wood as a lighting panel, or wrought iron as a lamp stem, lampshade, or lighting fixture, then this is perfect.

3. Choose the Right Shade

If you’re not a fan of bare bulbs, even decorative ones, you can still get the industrial look with the right shade. Copper colouring is an iconic choice for industrial lighting or cage shades are a great choice. These can help to expose your retro bulbs while still offering some decorative cover.

Achieve Industrial Lighting in Your Home with Lightco

At Lightco, we have a range of industrial-style shades and lighting fixtures to work perfectly with your aesthetic. You can visit our contact page if you have any questions about our lighting range.

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