Are you planning a date night? Perhaps you want to inject romance into your and your partner’s new home? Here at Lightco, we know exactly how to create that perfect intimate aura with the correct usage of lighting.

Let Romantic Lighting Warm Your Home

If you are searching for that perfect warm home glow – the type that makes you feel safe and cosy even after the hardest of days – you are in the right place. Visit our blog for more home lighting tips, or read on for the best ways to achieve a romantic glow in your home.

1. Choose Layered Lighting

For a warm glow, you want soft, layered lighting. Start with a floor lamp like the Curved Arm + Marble Base Lamp. Its interesting curve captures your attention, while the low light helps cast a softer light.

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2. Think About Colour Temperature

For a warm glow, the last thing you want is cold, blue light. Instead, aim for the soft orange tint of a sunset. Simply changing the bulbs in your home can make a world of difference.

3. Use Dim Lights

Bright lights are the opposite of romantic. For a softer glow, install dimmers to turn the lights down low.

4. Choose a Beautiful Central Light

Put the focus on one elegant and beautiful light for a more romantic setting. This Asfour Crystal Stepped Pendant is perfect – its shimmering crystals give a waterfall effect while the soft light makes the surroundings glow.

5. Light Some Candles

Finally, light some candles for the ultimate romantic atmosphere. The soft flicker of the candles will help create that cosy setting you are looking for!

Warm Your Home with Soft Lighting from Lightco

We at Lightco have a broad range of exquisite interior lights and bulbs to help you create perfect romantic lighting. If you have questions about our products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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