The exterior of the home is an area which needs careful thought as you will want it to be as attractive and welcoming as possible. People form their impressions from the moment they set eyes on the house and you will also want it to be appealing when you return home each day.

Keep These Tips in Mind When Considering Exterior Lighting Options

At Lightco, we believe that exterior lighting is a smart upgrade because this can improve the look and feel of the home from the outside while also increasing the security. There are a few key factors to consider when choosing exterior lighting; keep reading the blog to find out what these are.

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1. Style

First, you need to think about the style of exterior lighting and there are many different types to choose from. Crucially, you need to make sure that the style compliments the type of property you own as well as the colour of the exterior walls.

2. Function

There is no point in having exterior lighting if it does not serve a purpose. You need to make sure that any lights that you have outside the home improve visibility at night so that people can easily see where they are going when they are outside but also so that you can improve security. Having motion-activated lights by the front door, windows and back door should deter any criminals.

3. Durability

When choosing exterior lighting you must also consider its durability. Unlike interior lighting, factors like rain, wind, cold and general wear and tear can take their toll on the lighting fixture. This means that you need to choose durable lighting which will be able to withstand the elements (particularly if you live in an area with harsh weather).

4. Bulb Type

While you will find that fluorescent and incandescent lightbulbs are brighter (which is helpful for exterior lighting), it is worth considering LED bulbs instead as these do not consume as much energy. In addition to keeping your monthly energy bills lower, this will also be an environmentally-friendly choice which is important in today’s day and age. Additionally, LED bulbs last longer so you will not have to switch them as often either.

5. Light Pollution

Although you will want to be able to light up your home’s exterior, you must make sure that the lighting is not too strong and bright as otherwise, this could irritate your neighbours and even be frustrating from inside the home. There may be local requirements and regulations so make sure that you research this before you invest in any exterior lighting.

6. Convenience

You should also keep in mind that the exterior lights will require some maintenance in the form of changing the bulbs, cleaning the glass and dusting the fixture. This means that the lighting should be easy to clean and maintain.

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These are the main factors to consider when choosing exterior lighting, especially when you shop with Lightco Exterior lighting can do wonders in terms of improving a home’s curb appeal, improving the visibility immediately outside the home and improving home security. It is important that you take the time to find the right lighting, however, and hopefully, this post will allow you to do this. If you get stuck, be sure to get in touch with your questions or request a quote today. Check out our store directory to find your nearest branch.