The learning environment is a place where young people are encouraged to open their minds a realize their potential. So much attention is given to the overall visual appeal of a classroom, that the lighting is often overlooked. Lighting is extremely important as it can have a negative effect on the eyes of the teacher and learner if it is too bright or dim. Lightco is sharing 4 classroom lighting tips for teachers to ensure that their classroom’s lighting is at its best.

4 Classroom Lighting Tips for a Healthy and Productive Learning Environment

Here are 4 ways that you can ensure your classroom (or any room where learning takes place) lighting is at its best for learning. Find more tips on our blog!

Classroom Lighting Tip #1: Natural Light is Your Best Friend

Nothing will ever beat natural lighting; it is great for your eyes, your health and saves energy. Open curtains and the door to allow as much natural lighting to enter the classroom as possible. Try make a habit of this – you can always turn the lights on to add lighting if you need more but always try make natural lighting the primary source of light in your classroom.

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Classroom Lighting Tip #2: Look for the Dark Areas of the Room

Whilst the centre of the room is typically well lit with ceiling lights, take a moment to observe the classroom. Look for dark corners that could use some extra brightness. Classroom reading nooks are often tucked away in corners and lighting is neglected. You can fill these dark areas using various lamps or sconces to create a cozy and illuminated area that will encourage children to curl up comfortably and read. These lamps can also be turned on when the classroom is a little darker and colder than usual to create a warm glow.

Classroom Lighting Tip #3: Do Have a Desk Lamp

As a teacher, you spend a lot of time with your head down marking students’ papers. You need to ensure that you aren’t straining your eyes. Having a desk lamp will reduce the strain and allow you to adjust the light on your desk when you are working later, or the day is moody and dark.

Classroom Lighting Tip #4: Add in Some Fun Lighting

For a little extra brightness, why not add some fun light sources to double as classroom decorations. Fairy lights or lava lamps are great and effective decorative additions that will boost the mood of the students and improve the interior of the room.

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