Chandeliers are a beautiful and classic feature that can be found in homes across the globe, in every conceivable shape and style. Why are they so popular, you may ask? Well, that might be because chandeliers are not just decorative lights, they are an interior lighting experience. We have collected our favourite features of modern chandeliers below to inspire your next interior lighting to revamp.

Modern Touches to a Classic Feature

Since their creation, chandeliers have undergone a great deal of change, morphing from intricate antique styles into varied modern fixtures in different shapes, lines of symmetry, and suspension styles. Nowadays there is a chandelier to suit any style of living space, and you can easily find one that you simply have to have in your home.
If you are looking to add a structural element to a well-styled room, a chandelier is the lighting solution for you. Nothing quite compares to the glittering illumination of a chandelier.

No Boundaries for Stylish Lighting

Where chandeliers used to be confined to certain halls and communal rooms in antiquity, they have since branched out into other rooms of the home with reckless abandon. Foyers and dining rooms still love a good chandelier, but now bedrooms and even bathrooms can benefit from their beauty. A dimmable chandelier above the bed or bathtub creates a romantic and highly sophisticated space, that speaks to the heart.

Chandeliers can also be used to transform a space and combine styles. For example, hanging a dramatic chandelier in a rustic and cosy space can bring all the best elements of the two styles crashing together. In this way, you can create a unique and visually stunning space easily, just by choosing a chandelier.

Luxe Look, Low-Key Prices

So now that you know there is a chandelier for every style, you’ll be pleased to know that this ultra-elegant feature also comes in shape and form for every budget. No longer are chandeliers for the rich and famous – average Joes can indulge in their sophisticated glow, too! You can find an illuminated masterpiece that suits your pocket on the Lightco website.

The Lightco Interior Lighting Solution

At Lightco, we offer a range of interior and exterior lighting solutions that you can choose from to create a beautiful and functional living space. Contact us to chat about your lighting requirements, and don’t forget to watch our blog for up and coming articles about lighting, the industry, and our tips and tricks.