Ceiling fans may be seen by some as an old, tired cooling solution that has passed its prime, but we are here to inform you that this is entirely false. Not only are ceiling fans still super relevant in the home, but they are a stylish and energy efficient cooling solution that gets you amazing bang for your buck. Rather than equipping your home with a power monster such as an air conditioner, consider the following benefits of ceiling fans…

Stylish Cooling Solutions for Any Style

Ceiling fans do not come in one shape and size. You can find a wide array of styles available on the Lightco website, ready for the picking. From ultra-modern, to sharp and industrial, to sophisticated and stylish, we have the ceiling fans of your dreams. We offer ceiling fans both with light fixtures and without light fixtures, to suit your lighting needs.

Guilt-Free Energy Efficient Cooling

Get this: Ceiling fans use approximately the same amount of electricity per hour as a simple lightbulb. Do you know how much electricity air conditioners use per hour? Neither do we, exactly, but it is thousands of times MORE per hour! Can you justify that much greenhouse gas? Switch on your Lightco ceiling fan and you can enjoy all the comfort of a crisp wind chill effect, without the guilt.

Did You Say Cost Savings?

As a matter of fact, yes, we did! By saving literally thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity, you are saving hundreds if not thousands of Rands as well. Keeping cool in the stifling December heat is no longer a costly affair. You can enjoy a cool breeze and a full wallet thanks to trusty ceiling fans!

Warmer in Winter

Ceiling fans are the gift that just keeps on giving. If you reverse the rotation of your ceiling fan during winter so that it spins clockwise, it can raise the temperature in the room by a number of degrees by circulating the warm air close to the ceiling, and thus keep you a little warmer in winter. Talk about an all-rounder.

At Lightco, we offer a wide variety of lighting and cooling solutions in order to meet all of your interior and exterior lighting needs. Contact us to discuss your comfort requirements and how we can keep you cool this summer.