Sphere lighting is mesmerising. Something about the perfectly round shape commands attention in all the right ways. Perhaps it’s the symmetry, or elegance of the shape, or the break from usual fixtures that are present everywhere, or the modern yet timelessness style. Whatever the case, the team at Lightco believe that sphere lights are the ultimate fixtures that are simple and so versatile, they can work with almost any design concept in any context.

Exploring Your Sphere Lighting Options

If you’re looking to add some sphere lights to your space, consider this blog post as we reveal five ways that you can use them in your home.

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1. As a Desk Lamp

Sphere lights make for excellent desk lamps. The ambience created can set the perfect mood for doing work, spending some time relaxing, or setting the right mood for nights in. Desk lamps can also play with colour, so your sphere light doesn’t have to be the standard white – you can have more fun with it. Playing with cooler and warmer colours can completely change the ambience, or if you can’t decide which colour, you can always try all of them. Light bulbs that change colour (and can be controlled by your smartphone via WiFi!) would be a perfect addition to a sphere bulb for a fun and exciting space.

2. As a Ceiling Fixture

Add a harmonious element and illuminate the entire room with a sphere light ceiling fixture. Sphere lights as pendants for interior lighting are dramatic yet soft, so they can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, nurseries, or any other room of the house, all with the same effect.

3. As a Wall Sconce

Smaller sphere lights dotting the walls are artistic and modern looking and can complement almost any type of decor, making it easy to incorporate into your space. Adding spherical wall lights can make the entire room feel warm and welcoming. They’re perfect for bathroom walls, hallways, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

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4. On Your Patio

Sphere lights aren’t just for indoor use. Outdoor sphere lights are the perfect eye-catching addition to your garden or patio. You can use them to border a walkway, garden or patio, or use them as table lighting for your outdoor seating area. Solar-powered lights provide a soft glow at night and are environmentally-friendly, while LED lights are so energy-efficient they can stay on all night unattended for a beautiful outdoor ambience. Just make sure your outdoor lights are specifically for the outdoors, as they will be exposed to all kinds of weather.

5. In a Cluster

When thinking of where and how to use your sphere lights, your mind may immediately think of a single sphere. This doesn’t have to be the case – multiple sphere lights together can add interest and drama to any room or space.

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Whether you’re hanging them or placing them on a table, desk, or patio, having more than one sphere can completely change the room. It can add whimsy and make the space look warmer and more inviting with more than one. Bunching them all together achieves an elegant effect, while strategically placing a group of them together, but not quite bunched, can be artistic and more interesting.

Lightco Stock a Variety of Stunning Sphere Lights

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