With Covid-19 still lingering, many people are opting to stay home over holidays and long weekends as a way to keep themselves and their loved one’s safe. At Lightco, we don’t just specialise in home lighting, but also in creating a home environment that will leave you happy and content with staying home. Instead of being upset about not being able to go away, divert your energy into deciding how you can make your home your happy place.

How to Transform Your Home into Your Happy Place

Here are 5 easy ways that you can transform your home into the place to be- for the time being. Visit our blog for more lighting tips.

1. Dedicate A Space for Fun

This is a ‘must’- especially if you have kids! Dedicate a room, corner or area that is specifically for fun activities. These areas can include board games, arts and crafts, a playstation, toys or anything that you would personally consider to be fun. This isn’t just an idea for kids; adults can also customise the above-mentioned activities to suit them. For example, if you a crafty person, use the spare room as a studio where you can feel comfortable spreading your paint stuff out without worrying about your dining room or bedroom looking cluttered.

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2. Change the Light

A home’s lighting has a tremendous impact on one’s mood. If you are constantly surrounded by low lighting, this may have a negative impact on your mood. Ensure that all your spaces are sufficiently lit. Ideally, you want to choose lightbulbs that are as close to natural light as possible. During the daytime, make use of natural lighting as much as possible.

Invest in a Comfortable Entertainment Space

If your family enjoy watching movies, listening to music and socialising in the living room, it is important to ensure that it is a place that people want to spend time. Invest in comfortable couches, a Netflix account, a smart TV or a great sound system to ensure that your living room is the place to be in the home.

4. Keep All Spaces Clean

In order for your home to feel like an escape, it needs to remain clean and tidy. You wouldn’t want to go to a bed and breakfast with a cluttered kitchen, so make the conscious effort to keep your home tidy. This has a significant impact on your mindset and will leave you feeling happier and more calm.

5. Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting

If you have an outdoor area, upgrade your outdoor lighting to enjoy the space in the evening. Whether you are sitting enjoying a glass of wine on a balmy summer evening or sitting around a fire on a chilly night, having sufficient outdoor lighting will make the experience that much more pleasant and give you that holiday feeling of sitting outdoors and enjoying a braai.

Light Up Your Home with Lightco

Whether you are wanting to change your interior lighting or improve your outdoor lighting, Lightco can help you. Contact us today or visit our website to browse our products.

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