Is your home’s lighting old and tired? Perhaps the bulbs don’t shine as brightly as they once did, or your previously loved floor lamps no longer match your interior design preferences. If that’s the case, it’s time to ditch some of your old lighting to make way for newer, trendier choices in 2023. The team here at Lightco is here to help you do just that.

Keeping Up with Lighting Trends

Moving into 2023, many lighting trends focus on sustainability, unique pendants, downlights, natural light, and luxurious statement lighting. Read on to learn how to incorporate some of these trends into your home, or go to our blog for more lighting tips and tricks.

1. Go Bold with a Statement Pendant

Brilliant and bold paves the way for 2023, so you should choose a big, eye-catching pendant for your home. A unique shape works well – something that stands out from the rest of the room. This attractive Pendant 15 Light Molecule Light works exceptionally well, with its round bulbs pointing in every direction. It’d make an excellent light for hanging over a dining table!

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2. Backlight Your Mirrors

A lot of lighting inspiration in 2023 comes from beautiful luxury homes, which is why backlighting your mirrors will help you keep up with the latest trends. A backlit mirror works particularly well in your bathroom, where the additional, focused light will help you apply makeup or do your hair in the morning. The backlit lighting works well with bathroom colours like gold, bronze, and white!

3. Small Lighting

Some more lighting changes you’ll see in 2023 include small lighting fixtures. You’ll notice more and more trendy households choosing small lamps in their home, often in an exciting shape like an animal! It makes it easy to jazz up a dusty, dark corner while adding a little more brightness. You could even choose a cool lightbulb to go with your small lighting, such as this Filament Lamp Star Cage!

4. Get on Board with Architectural Lighting

Are you planning a renovation? If so, don’t forget to be adventurous with your new lighting by getting on board with architectural lighting, which will be another trend in 2023. It involves embedding your architecture with illumination. For example, you might embed a light strip into a wall or furniture. The result is a smooth, exciting design that seamlessly blends into itself.

5. Use Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is already a trend, but it will continue through 2023 and beyond! This time, a lot of smart lighting will come with additional settings to control the atmosphere, such as altering the colour and dimness levels. Incorporate it into your home, and change it up whenever you feel a shift in mood.

Spruce Up Your Home with New Lighting from Lightco

Achieve your 2023 lighting dreams by shopping with us at Lightco. We have a mix of downlights, pendants, lamps, chandeliers, outdoor lights, and much more! Not sure what you’re looking for? Contact our friendly team, who are always happy to help.

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