It doesn’t help much if the rest of your home is on-trend, but your lighting is behind in the times. Lighting and lighting fixtures have the power to transform a room, which is why it is so important that the lighting trends you adopt are complimentary for your home. Lightco has compiled 5 of our favourite trends that we think you will love.

5 Trendy Lighting Styles You’ll Love

Read through these 5 trendy lighting styles in our blog to get some inspiration for your home’s lighting.

Lighting Trend #1: Pendant Lights

Who doesn’t love a good statement light? Pendant lights are the latest craze in the lighting world and serve as great statement pieces in the home. The unique designs will attract all the right attention by acting as not just a light source, but a decorative piece too. Browse our stunning range of pendant lights here.

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Lighting Trend #2: LED Glass Drop Chandeliers

These LED glass drop lights give a unique spin on the traditional chandelier. They are available in a square or circular shape and make for a stunning statement light fixture. With hanging LED glass lights, the light resembles delicate icicles and would be the perfect addition to the modern or elegantly styled home.

Lighting Trend #3: Crystal Lights

If you are wanting to add a subtle touch of elegance to a room, crystal lighting fixtures are the way to go. These delicate fixtures look just as stunning during the day as they do at night when they are shimmering in the light that they catch. From stunning wall fixtures to chandeliers, crystal light fixtures can be as subtle or elaborate as you’d like.

Lighting Trend #4: LED Striplights

LED striplights are a great way to light a large space. If you are wanting to draw attention to an art piece, picture gallery, or give your countertops extra light by placing them under the overhead cabinets, LED striplights are the way to go. We love the LED striplight trend on stairs to ensure that you are never stumbling blindly in the dark; place striplights along the side of the staircase or under the edge of each individual step.

Lighting Trend #5: Industrial Styles

This lighting trend focuses on the simple aesthetic from old factories. This look consists of exposed bulbs, metal cages and vintage fixtures. The lights’ designs tend to be dark tones made out of material such as steel, wood or old piping, sometimes with a little bit of rust for aesthetic. Keep things minimalistic for a modern industrial interior style.

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