At Lightco, we understand that using the right type of lighting is vital to the success of a photographer’s business and the style of their portraits and shots.

5 Dramatic Lighting Tips Things to Keep in Mind on Set

However, achieving dramatic lighting at home can be difficult, especially due to the small space that you have and the obstacles of natural light or your main lighting fixtures. Keep reading the blog as we reveal 5 ways to enhance your photographs through dramatic.

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1. Choose the Right Lighting Option

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the right lighting option for your home. For instance, we provide a range of different home interior solutions, such as LED downlights, spotlights, and chandeliers, which each have a completely different dramatic effect on the room in question.

2. Control Lighting

When using dramatic lighting in the home, you also need to have the ability to control the lighting in question, to ensure that the right lighting can be reflected in your shot. You can have the ability to control your lighting by using dimmers or zoning, which can help you to achieve a low or warm lighting effect.

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3. Sharpen the Lighting that You Have

You can also sharpen the lighting that you already have by adding LED panels to it or using different light sources to promote this lighting. For instance, adding a wall lamp in the right position can enhance the quality of your lighting and project shadows where you need them.

4. Consider the Position of Your Lighting

However, although you cannot adjust the position of wall or ceiling lighting, you should use portable lamps to fix in the right position to enhance your subject and ensure that shadows fall in the right places. If this is not working, you could consider adding multiple light sources to ensure that the light falls correctly.

5. Use the Natural Features of a Room

You must always remember to use the natural features of each room, though. For instance, you should consider placing your subject with the window as a backdrop or use a garage door for a contrast effect, which are both places where light and shadows often mix.

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