With winter just around the corner, what better time to learn how to get an interior glow using our Lightco home lighting guide. Keep reading to discover our five top lighting tips that will transform your home from cold to cosy without breaking the bank.

How To Incorporate Winter Lighting Into Your Home

Learn how to use interior lighting to create an atmosphere that is warm, inviting, and super stylish with the below lighting tips from us here at Lightco. From the placement of lamps in the living room to chandeliers in the dining room to spotlights in the kitchen, discover everything you need to know about how to get an interior glow for less.

1. Layer Your Lighting

Interior designers across the world swear by the concept of layering your lighting to create a welcoming and warm setting. Involving the use of multiple different light sources such as ceiling pendants, task lighting, and accent lighting, layering your lighting can create cosiness in even the coldest room in your home. By having lights at different heights, with different hues and dim abilities, you can have full control over your lighting.

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2. Install Dimmers

If you don’t want to have to invest in lots of different lights in preparation for winter, the simplest and most cost-effective way to create winter lighting is with the use of dimmers. Aim to install a dimmer switch on all your main points of lighting and use smart LED bulbs if you can so that you can adjust the colour and brightness via your phone.

3. Avoid Harsh Ceiling Lights

Although it is ok to have one main overhead light, too many can keep the appearance and atmosphere of a doctor’s waiting room. Instead, opt for spotlights in the kitchen or bathroom, a series of pendants over a kitchen island, or a stylish chandelier over the dining room table. This will ensure your home has a gentle glow and keeps the cosy vibes, which is vital for the colder months.

4. Use Cluster Lighting

Similar to layering your lighting, clustering involves using your lighting to create areas of interest around your home. The use of just one type of lighting in any room is not conducive to warm winter lighting, so instead, focus on drawing attention to cosy corners with statement lamps.

5. Switch to LEDs

As briefly mentioned above, LED lighting is a great option for changing the atmosphere in your home. However, this is not the only thing they are good for. A more environmentally-friendly choice, LED bulbs can be found in lots of different tones and hues, making them ideal for creating cosy spaces throughout your home.

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