Many people are passing the lockdown period by giving their homes a thorough, deep clean. This means cleaning things you might not think about when you are doing your usual cleaning routine. At Lightco, we think it’s important that coronavirus has resulted in us all becoming more aware of personal hygiene. This compulsory ‘stay-at-home’ period has provided us with an opportunity to organise our personal lives.

 How to Effectively Sanitise Your Light Fixtures

Many people tend to forget to clean and sanitise items such as fans and lights, which is why Lightco are sharing 5 tips for sanitising light fittings to help keep your home spotless. Keep reading the blog as we reveal 5 tips to remember when cleaning your lights and light fittings.

Tip #1: Be Prepared Before You Start

Most people will want to do all of their light fixtures at once, rather than go through the process several times in a week. You will need a step ladder, a few rags or cloths, a sponge, a bucket of water and your choice of disinfectant in a spray bottle. These items take a while to haul out, therefore it saves time one thorough round of the house as opposed to several.

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Tip #2: Know the Cleaning Process

When cleaning light fixtures, it helps to know the most effective procedure to effectively clean them. To begin, position your step ladder (if needed) in the ideal spot under the light. Make sure that the light is off, to prevent any risk of getting shocked. Next, take one slightly damp rag and wipe any dusk off the light and fixture. Once the dust has been removed, spray your disinfectant on and give it a wipe with a clean rag, you may want to repeat this twice. Let it sit for a few moments before dipping the rag in warm water, wring it out until damp and give the light a final wipe down. Note that some glass lights can be slightly damaged by certain disinfectants, so do a quick test with the product of your choice in a small unnoticeable area of the light fixture. Do not clean the light bulb with a wet or damp cloth.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget the Light Switches

These require a regular wipe down with sanitiser or white vinegar, as many people touch them throughout the day. Simply take a rag or cloth, spay with the disinfectant of your choice and give it a wipe. This is extremely important to do, especially in times like the coronavirus pandemic, as people use their hands to touch the light switches, thus spreading any germs they may be carrying.

Tip #4: Know How to Clean the Lightbulb

It is true that cleaning a lightbulb makes for a brighter light, but you need to know how to do this correctly. Simply take a dry, soft rag and wipe down the bulb, do not rub too hard. If the bulb is significantly dirty, you may want to replace it.

Tip #5: You Can Use a Vacuum on Some Light Shades

Light shades such as beaded and fabric allow for the use of a vacuum cleaner. These shades are more susceptible to dust, therefore it is important they are thoroughly cleaned. Vacuum them gently to remove collected dust. If you feel a more thorough clean is required, you can use a dry cleaning product on fabric shades and a damp cloth on beaded shades.

For All Your Lighting Needs, Contact Lightco

If, during your cleaning, you notice that some of your light fixtures need replacing, look no further. Lightco and Lighting offer an extensive range of lighting fixtures you can choose from, from wall lighting to pendants, we can accommodate any home style. Shop some new lights during the lockdown that you can purchase when we re-open. For any questions and queries, drop us a message and we will be happy to assist you.

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