For a happy and useable home during the warmer months, lighting is everything. It will help you to best illuminate the spaces you want to use during the summer and decorate your home in an inviting way, ready for those summer guests or cosy nights spent alone.

With the range of options at Lightco, we have everything you need to prepare your home for the warmer months, including these helpful tips.

Top Tips for Home Lighting in the Summer

While the summer months are warmer and brighter, the power of lighting should never be neglected. These five tips are here to help you best use lighting inside (and outside) your home. To find more great lighting tips, you can visit our blog page for some fantastic inspiration for all over your home.

1. Upgrade Your Exterior Lighting

For those long days spent in the garden or relaxing in your outside space, exterior lighting is a must. It’s a good idea to install solar lighting to take advantage of your biggest free energy source during warmer days. You can also install ground lights and lanterns to perfectly illuminate your space if you’re looking to spend cosy evenings outside or even host a summer gathering or two.

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2. Illuminate Your Entertainment Area

Summer is the perfect time for socialising, whether it’s with your family in the same household or guests you’ve invited over. Lighting up your entertainment space can therefore be a must. You can try LED lamps and spotlights for backlighting on your TV or screens and use other lamps for a well-lit space.

3. Consider a Ceiling Fan

With the warmer months comes a warmer home, so to ensure that you remain cool, you may also want to consider a ceiling fan in with your lighting feature to make sure your home can stay ventilated.

4. Check the Lighting in Your Kid’s Room

If you have kids, then summer means your kids are spending a lot more time at home instead of at school. Checking the light setup in your kid’s room will therefore be a plus, such as side lamps, overhead lights, or even ceiling fans to keep them cool during the night. The last thing you want is for them to be even hotter because they don’t have the right lighting.

5. Make Sure Your Kitchen is Equipped

The warmer months can mean social gatherings, dinner parties, or simply whipping up a refreshing meal to keep you cool. Making sure your kitchen is properly lit will make all the difference, so you could think about cabinet lights, LED lights, or overhead lights to set a sociable space.

Prepare for Summer with Lightco

Contact us for any further information on how we can help your home this summer. Our range of lighting options are perfect for those warmer months, whether it’s lighting your garden space or upgrading your interior lights.

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