Lightco understands that many of us, especially during this lockdown period, spend significant time in our home office. Having the right lighting for your office is extremely important, as too much or too little lighting can be damaging for your eyes. A nicely lit office space is also more welcoming and inviting, where you will feel motivated and energized to work.

How to Light Your Home Office

We are offering 5 home office lighting tips to help boost your productivity and add some brightness to your working life. Follow the 5 tips in this blog when lighting your office, to ensure that you make the most of your working space.

Home Office Lighting Tip #1: Observe the Natural Lighting

If your office has a large window or sunroof that lets in lots of natural light, move your desk to intercept that natural light. Angle it to prevent the brightness from blinding your screen, as well as to prevent you from enjoying the view if you are easily distracted. Natural lighting is far less harsh on your eyes.

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Home Office Lighting Tip #1: 2. Get a Desk Lamp

Every office needs to have a trusty desk or task lamp to light the working area. We recommend finding a light that is adjustable so that you can change the distance it sits at depending on the task you are focus on.

Home Office Lighting Tip #1: 3. Get Dimmable Ceiling Lights

Dimmable ceiling lights are great because they allow you to adjust the ceiling lights according to the time of day. As the position of the sun changes and the lighting shifts, you can make the necessary changes by adjusting the lights to suit you.

Home Office Lighting Tip #4: Add Ambient Lighting

Harsh lights from computer screens and other lights can be softened through ambient lighting. Lamps are a great way to do this as they are great decorative finishers and help protect your eyes against the damaging glare.

Home Office Lighting Tip #5: Never Work Under Direct Lighting

Whilst it is important to have a desk light and ambient lighting, it is important to never work under direct light. You want your whole office to be illuminated as opposed to just the area you are working; this will reduce strong and aggressive glares.

Get All Your Office Lighting from Lightco

Now that you know the importance of lighting and how to make the most of it in your home office, it is time to take action. Assess your office space to decide what you need to add, then feel free to browse our online store. Feel free to contact us should you have any further questions or queries.

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